Ethics Statement

Our Company observes a ‘Code of Conduct’ which requires all Commercial Agents, Commercial Sub-Agents and Inquiry Agents to perform their roles with proper regard to the law, their clients and parties with whom they have dealings.

The Code of Conduct is as follows;

  • Perform functions with integrity
  • Perform functions in accordance with the law
  • Avoid potential conflicts of professional interest
  • Act in a manner which does not impair the profession, or any party
  • Maintain diligence and competence in the discharge of professional responsibilities
  • Truthfully represent qualifications, experience and competence to clients
  • Exercise control over confidential information entrusted or obtained in the course of any enquiry or investigation

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  • Private investigation
    Corporate investigation

  • Surveillance
    Due Diligence

  • Missing Person Location
    Witness Proofing